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The best option for your business

Be confident that the LLM tools you’re leveraging meet all your security needs while still giving you accurate, verified data. With Alpha, you have the flexibility to utilize the model best suited for your business, whether it’s one of our Alkymi-hosted LLMs, an externally-hosted LLM, or your own.

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Alkymi-hosted LLMs

Use Alpha with our Alkymi-built large language models, hosted within our secure environment. Your data remains fully contained within our infrastructure, so you can use LLMs in your workflows without having to consider how your data is being leveraged by third-party APIs.

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Externally-hosted LLMs

Leverage the power of the latest generation of third-party LLMs within the Alkymi platform, such as OpenAI’s GPT models through the enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure OpenAI API. Your data is encrypted (both at rest and in transit), isolated, and not used for model training.

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Enterprise-hosted LLMs

If you have your own large language model hosted within your own data center, we can work with you to leverage it alongside the workflow, data validation, and integration capabilities of the Alkymi platform.

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