About us

Alkymi transforms enterprise workflows by placing machine learning and automation technology into the hands of business users, turning operational data headaches into a source of efficiency. Alkymi’s core products—Data Inbox and Patterns—allow businesses to extract, analyze, and take action on critical business data in emails and documents. Leading organizations deploy Alkymi to accelerate decision-making, improve customer satisfaction, and empower employees to focus on high-value, rewarding work.

Alkymi was founded in 2017 in New York City by a team from Bloomberg, Two Sigma, and x.ai with backing from Canaan, Work-Bench, SimCorp, and industry insiders. 

A bit more

Decades-long careers focused on unstructured data taught Alkymi’s founders two important truths: the potential value in unstructured data is immense, and the process for unlocking it is broken. The problem is bigger than automation technology alone can solve. And getting it right requires big, bold new thinking—about technology and the people who use it.


Customers & partners

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Harald Collet
Adam Kleczewski
Chief Data Scientist
Steven She


Ray Tierney
Former Global CEO of Trading Solutions, Bloomberg LP
Andrea Remyn Stone
Chief Customer Proposition Officer, Refinitiv
Sunny Patpatia
President & CEO, Patpatia & Associates
J.P. Leschly Neergaard
Partner, Leschly & Neergaard Int.
Boris Markovich
Founder & CEO, Seersite
Hans-Ole Jochumsen
Former Vice Chairman, Nasdaq