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Alkymi is empowering businesses to unlock their data and supercharge their workflows. Our products—Data Inbox, Patterns Studio, and Patterns—empower business users to create a Data Action Layer that turns processes that once caused operational headaches into a source of efficiency, insight, and action. 

Granting users the ability to extract, analyze, and take immediate action on critical data that was locked in emails and documents of all types empowers organizations using Alkymi are able to accelerate decision-making, improve customer satisfaction, and empower their employees to focus on high-value, rewarding work. 

Alkymi was founded in 2017 in New York City by a team from Bloomberg, Two Sigma, and with backing from Intel Capital, Canaan, Work-Bench, SimCorp, and industry insiders.

A bit more

Decades-long careers focused on unstructured data taught Alkymi's founders three important truths:

1. The potential value in unstructured data is immense
2. The process for unlocking it is broken
3. Unstructured data should drive business actions

Fortunately, the value in unstructured data isn’t potential anymore - it’s immediately accessible with Alkymi. Alkymi offers a new take on automation - a platform that empowers business users with no-code automation solutions they can employ without technical expertise so they can create a Data Action Layer that obliterates data processing time and revolutionizes workflows.

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