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Despite years of digitization, documents continue to be how most companies get business done. Within every capital markets firm, transactions, risks, and customer data are stuck in documents.
Turn documents into data

Alkymi meets this challenge by turning documents into data, helping enterprises with process automation and insight.


Financial services companies select Alkymi to automate, manage risk, and make better decisions. Alkymi delivers insight through document understanding using deep learning and natural language processing to accurately identify patterns and relationships in unstructured data. Real-time automation of high-value content workflows reduces risk by removing errors, cutting complexity, while delivering more accurate and precise data to decision makers.

Alkymi's platform empowers business users by simplifying machine-learning with turn-key workflows and analytics based on proprietary models and domain-specific taxonomies.

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Information-intensive capital markets companies are selecting Alkymi for a competitive edge.

Digitize and automate credit and loan documentation in the middle and back office to reduce cost and improve agility.

Improve credit, counter-party and collateral risk management, and regulatory reporting by understanding your contracts.

Transform research publishing, measure effectiveness, and improve new idea generation.


Develop contract risk analytics and scoring by counterparty to improve risk management and regulatory reporting.

Summarize deal terms to streamline deal review and cut legal fees.

Enable single view of client contract relationships in the sales workflow to improve CRM.


Develop an enterprise-wide view of counterparties, legal obligations, and risk with contracts analytics.

Reduce legal fees per transaction by automating workflows and simplifying contract workflows.

Automate manual client-onboarding and know-your-customer workflows to improve compliance.

How it works

Alkymi delivers the first enterprise platform to understand complex documents using deep learning and visual analysis paired with human expertise.
How it works

The platform ingests and normalizes a wide range of unstructured data such as documents, PDFs, images, and XML.


The high-accuracy pipelines use image recognition, and natural language processing together with unique domain knowledge to develop a deep document understanding.


The pipeline extracts the relationships, entities and concepts delivered in formats that are easy to integrate with existing systems.


Documents with low confidence scores are candidates for human review to constantly improve the deep learning models.


Flexible analytics and customized search to enable data discovery, content metrics.


The platform ingests and normalizes a wide range of unstructured data such as documents, PDFs, images, and XML.


The high-accuracy pipelines use visual analysis, neural nets, and natural language processing together with unique domain taxonomies to develop a deep document understanding.


The pipeline extracts the relationships, entities and concepts based on probabilities, delivered in formats that are easy to integrate with existing systems.


Low probability documents are an exception queue for human review to constantly improve the deep learning models.


Flexible analytics and elastic search to enable data discovery, content metrics.

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We selected Alkymi to automatically extract and analyze data from more than 200,000 equity research reports from hundreds of publishers.

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Meet the team

Alkymi is dedicated to help enterprises with process automation and insight through world-class engineering, data science, and best-in-class user experiences. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in New York City.


Adam Kleczewski
Chief Data Scientist
Harald Collet
Alexander Yankov
lead engineer
Steven She
Rick Wills
Head of Product

Advisory Board

Andrea Remyn
JP Leschly
ADAM KLECZEWSKI, Chief Data Scientist

Adam Kleczewski is co-founder and Chief Data Scientist. Prior to Alkymi, he was a Senior Data Scientist x.ai, a New York-based startup building an artificial intelligence driven personal assistant. He has 7 years hands-on machine learning experience and has architected and deployed systems that orchestrate between predictive models and human annotators. Adam has a Ph.D. in physics from University of Washington and has a B.A. from UC Berkeley.


Has built and scaled products and global teams at Bloomberg, Autonomy, and Oracle. He was a GM at Bloomberg where he launched Bloomberg Vault, and scaled the SaaS business from scratch to 1,000+ enterprise customers, a global team, profitability and market leadership. Prior to Bloomberg, he was the VP of Sales at Autonomy, and he also led product management and marketing teams at Oracle for seven years.

Harald graduated with a B.A. from Yale, and he is First Lieutenant of the Reserve in the Danish Army.

Alexander Yankov, lead engineer

Before Alkymi, he built and launched Bubble+Squeak and was a machine learning engineer at Hyperscience. He has over 10 years experience building software for startups and financial enterprises. Alexander started his career at Goldman Sachs as a front office engineer on equity derivatives desk after graduating with a B.S in computer science from Rutgers.

Steven She, CTO

Prior to Alkymi, Steven was a Sr. Software Engineer at Two Sigma Investments, where he led several quantitative big data modeling tools designed for data scientists. Steven also worked with Adam at x.ai as a Research Engineer, where he designed the microservices to power real-timepredictions for human annotators. In Toronto, he was the Chief Architect at the analytics startup Canopy Labs, where he architected the customer funnel search engine. Steven completed his Ph.D. in Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo in the area of Domain-Specific Languages and Feature Modeling, and also completed his Master and Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo.

Rick Wills, Head of Product

Rick is an experienced enterprise software technologist, joining from nCino, the fastest-growing banking ISV on the Salesforce platform. As a Principal Solution Architect, Rick helped banks transition from legacy systems to nCino’s cloud platform for loan origination. He collaborated closely with sales, product development, and with consulting partners to successfully deploy the reengineered loan origination process and to integrate with a full spectrum of existing bank systems. Prior to nCino, Rick was the founder and Principal Architect at Caltina, a cloud solution that enabled transaction sourcing and LP relationship management for alternative asset managers. He started his career in consulting as Director of Application Engineering building semi-custom CRM/ERP solutions as a Salesforce ISV. Rick graduated with a BS in Finance from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Hans-Ole Jochumsen

Hans-Ole Jochumsen is a senior adviser and director.
At Nasdaq, Jochumsen served as Vice Chairman, Europe, as well as President and Executive Vice President of Nasdaq’s Global Trading and Market Services business. He was instrumental in overseeing the strategic acquisitions of Chi-X Canada, the International Securities Exchange (ISE) in 2016 and the successful launch of Nasdaq’s Energy Futures Market (NFX) in 2015. Under his direction, Nasdaq’s global trading and market services businesses have thrived, and continue to disrupt the market and challenge the status quo. Prior to Nasdaq, Jochumsen served as President OMX, President and CEO of Copenhagen Stock Exchange and FUTOP Clearing, spearheading the merger of the Copenhagen and Stockholm exchanges in 2005. Throughout his career, Mr. Jochumsen has played an active role in shaping securities industry policy. He served as the Chairman of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE) from 2010 to 2013. From 1990 to 1998, Mr. Jochumsen served on the board of some of the largest Scandinavian financial institutions, BRFkredit, GiroBank and BG Bank.

Andrea Remyn Stone

Andrea Remyn Stone is the Chief Strategy Officer of Dealogic, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group. She focuses on the company’s growth strategy and is responsible for strategic planning and execution of key strategic initiatives, acquisitions and partnerships. Previously, Andrea was the Head of Corporate and Business Development at Bloomberg L.P. where she was responsible for developing new businesses, designing commercial strategies, and leading acquisition and partnership efforts. Andrea accomplished many “firsts” for Bloomberg, including the completion of its first large scale global acquisition as well as several bolt-on acquisitions, establishment of its first independently operated subsidiary, creation of its first joint venture to enter new markets, and several minority investments into early stage financial technology companies.

Prior to Bloomberg, Andrea’s career spanned leadership roles in general management, strategic planning, and corporate and business development at Standard and Poor’s and The McGraw-Hill Companies. Prior to McGraw-Hill, Andrea was a Media Equity Research Analyst with Lehman Brothers. She graduated with an MBA from The Wharton Business School and a BA from Duke University.

Raymond M. Tierney

Raymond M. Tierney III is a senior advisor and director. He is based in New York and formerly oversaw Bloomberg's agency broker, Bloomberg Tradebook LLC. and all aspects of Bloomberg's sell-side equity and order management solutions (SSEOMS), including product innovation, new product sales and business strategy. In 2016, Mr.Tierney led Institutional Investors annual Trading Technology 40 ranking (at #1), recognizing his achievements leading global teams to advance trading technology at Bloomberg. In March of 2017,he was awarded the Ken Heath award, by the Securities Trader Association, recognizing him for his notable contributions to the advancement of women in finance. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Mr. Tierney was at Morgan Stanley for 17 years, starting in 1994 as an Executive Director and Senior Sales Trader in NA. He was elected a Managing Director in 1998 and named Head of North America Cash Sales Trading in 2004. Mr. Tierney received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University. He currently serves on the boards of Ronald McDonald House,Villanova University’s President’s Leadership Council and is chair of the National Organization of Investment Professionals (NOIP).

Boris Markovich

Boris Markovich is the founder and CEO of StreetReader. Prior to StreetReader, he built and led product teams and business lines at leading financial software and technology firms, including Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. In his previous life, he was a sell-side equity research analyst and Head of Research for investment banks in the U.S. and Asia.

Michael Zanga

Michael Zanga has been with Deutsche Bank since 2017 as CTO for Product Engineering, ITSM and ITAM. Michael is deeply involved in the banks transformation of its infrastructure working on automation and orchestration of legacy processes. Previously he was with RBS through acquisitions for 18 years and was named Head of Capital Resolution Americas in 2015 as well as retaining the Americas Chief Administrative Officer for Corporate & Institutional Banking. Michael was also the CIO for the Americas where he was on the Dodd Frank Executive Steering Committee and leading numerous discussions with the US regulators. Prior to RBS, he was with UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) on the Global engineering team. He holds and Masters Degree from Iona College in New York.

Sunny Patpatia

Sunny Patpatia is the founder and President of Patpatia & Associates, a specialist strategy consultancy for wealth management, asset management, and insurance companies. Sunny founded the company in 1992 to apply his depth of corporate development and operational expertise to help senior managers transform their businesses. Prior to Patpatia & Associates, he was at The Charles Schwab Corporation. Sunny also held several senior positions at the Union Bank of California, where he was responsible for managing the $35 billion asset nationwide Trust Services organization, and also served as president of the Highmark family of mutual funds. In Canada, he previously held positions at the Bank of Montreal and the Royal Bank of Canada. He received his undergraduate and Master's degrees in management from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

JP Leschly Neergaard

JP Leschly Neergaard is an international banker, advisor, and director with deep expertise in capital markets, FICC and international corporate and institutional banking. His career spans three decades at Danske Bank, one of the largest financial groups in the Nordic region, where he started as an intern in 1984, rising to Head of International Banking. During his time at Danske Bank, he was also Senior Executive Vice President & Global Co-Head of Danske Markets and Global Head of Trading & Financial Markets and DCM. In addition, JP has held a variety of board positions, including as Chairman of Danske Bank Russia, Chairman of Danske Markets Inc. (New York), Board Member of Danske Bank Luxembourg, Vice Chairman of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA), and Board Member of Save the Children, Denmark.

JP has throughout his career worked in Singapore,London, New York and Copenhagen. He has studied at Copenhagen Business School, Insead and HBS. He now lives with his wife Nanna in Copenhagen - they have 4 children aged 12-22.

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