Automation for wealth and asset management firms

Make the best decisions for your clients with accurate, up-to-date portfolio data.

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Patterns built for customer onboarding and portfolio management

Alkymi automates your workflows for core documents used in wealth and asset management, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring your data is validated and in exactly the form you need. Use one of our existing Patterns, configure it for your needs, or work with our data science team to build a custom Pattern for your specific document types.

Automate your data processing with Patterns for workflows such as:

  • Brokerage statements / custodial statements
  • Stock distribution notices
  • Schedule K-1s
  • Form ADVs
  • Onboarding and KYC, including ID and address detection
  • Subscription documents
  • US tax and SEC forms
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Serve more clients with faster onboarding

Manually uploading and reviewing documents can create inefficiencies and delays in your onboarding workflows. Review and validate your customers’ data automatically, so you can onboard new customers quickly and efficiently scale your firm.

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Provide a better customer experience

With access to more detailed, verified data, you can respond to your clients faster and provide more detailed reporting on their portfolio holdings.

Not seeing what you need?

If we’re missing a key document in your workflow, reach out and our team of expert data scientists can build and train a bespoke Pattern for your use case.

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