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Innovative, curious, good people—that's us in a nutshell. We're a thoughtful group that builds AI tools designed for business users and powers enterprises.

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Be yourself.
Build something cool.

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Smart people solving real problems

Just want to give a shout out to @Kshitiz for building out support for a GPT-powered Summarization pipeline which just merged! This is huge and sets groundwork for all future Large Language Model integrations in the future!

— Steven, CTO

Steven She round

Shout out to @AlexF, @JohnP, and @Kshitiz for a phenomenal Loan Agent Notices demo. I was blown away by the quality of the presentation and the work done by the team.

— Kyle, Data Science Manager

Kyle Williams round

Shout Out to @AlexF for taking our Capital Notices Ready Made Pattern and implementing it for Asset Vantage - who are will be deployed to production of as of today!! Also big shout out to @KPatel @JohnP @AlexW The great work done for Capital Notices is already serving as a springboard for our CAS pattern!

— Corey, Director of Implementation

Corey Kanon round

Our philosophy

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Do the right thing

We believe in doing what’s right, even if it's hard. When it comes to our team, customers and community, the investment is worth it.

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The best idea wins

Everyone has a voice and a platform to share their ideas. We believe it’s about picking the best idea, no matter where it comes from.

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Always be searching for solutions

If there is a problem, we want to find a solution. Our curiosity keeps us always looking for the best way to get things done.

Our benefits

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Employer-paid health, vision and dental
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Company-sponsored 401(k) plan
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Parental leave
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Remote & hybrid work friendly
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Unlimited PTO
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Team events & gatherings
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Learning & development opportunities

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