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Data to the nth power

Manual data entry can deter your customers from getting all the data they need into your platform, limiting how much they benefit from what your product has to offer. Alkymi automates their data processing and transformation, so your clients can onboard their data into your product faster, with no manual work. Alkymi can help you and your customers:

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Process more data, faster

Automated end-to-end data ingestion means your clients spend more time using your product. Your customers can process thousands of documents in days with document automation that scales with your business.

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Create custom models for your data

Train custom machine learning models, integrated with your platform, to automate workflows across your business without the need to hire a data onboarding team. Build transformations to ensure data output matches your platform requirements exactly, so your clients can put their data to work immediately.

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Stay connected to your product

Alkymi’s API can connect directly to your platform, so your clients can take advantage of real-time data processing without jumping through hoops or leaving your site. Use our integrations with your business systems to streamline your workflows.


How SimCorp customers connect

A direct integration enables your customers to automate their workflows within your platform. Alkymi’s fully automated, white-labeled API integration with SimCorp’s Dimension platform powers their alternative investment document processing and transformation. With support for downstream annotations and corrections, SimCorp saves critical time for their customers while offering a seamless user experience.

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Keep your customers’ data secure

Help your customers take advantage of new generative AI capabilities without sacrificing security with the ability to choose an LLM strategy. Alkymi also offers secure cloud deployments in the US or EU, private clouds and IP filtering for enterprise data security.

LLM strategy

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Beat the competition

Simplify your data workflows and launch new capabilities with tailored solutions for all your document use cases. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology to improve your customer experience and boost product engagement while your competitors are still researching.

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