The architecture for your automation

Automate your document workflows with personalized rules for data extraction, transformation and validation.

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The right automation for your use case

Powered by advanced AI and machine learning models, Patterns automatically capture your investment data with defined sets of instructions and rules for processing your documents. Alkymi offers three variations:

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Existing Patterns

Choose from our pre-configured workflows for documents like Capital Notices, Brokerage Statements and SOIs that contain a set list of common fields, transformations and validations.

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Configure a Pattern

You can configure an existing Pattern to meet your specific data, workflow, and integration requirements.

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Bespoke Patterns

Work with us to build a fully custom workflow for your documents using machine learning models trained specifically for your business.

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Built to scale, without templates

Templates require data to be in the same place and format every time. Our Patterns for financial services use cases are built using cutting-edge AI and machine learning to accurately identify your data every time, no matter the format or document type.

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