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Patterns define your automation and data transformation and are designed to fit your workflows.

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Your data, your rules

Patterns specify how your data is extracted, transformed and validated. Use a Pattern to define how your document is prepared and processed, in what format, and where it is sent. Our toolkits and rule builders ensure you have the last word in every data detail.

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Ready-made and ready for business

Get started immediately with ML-powered data extraction, validation and transformation for your targeted use case with Ready-Made Patterns from our Pattern Library.

Patterns Library

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Build your own

Quickly create your own automation using Patterns Studio. Build a Pattern custom fit for your document data with our suite of no-code configuration tools, built for business users.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Let’s talk about how we can build a custom Pattern for your specific use case, powered by cutting-edge machine learning.

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Patterns Studio is where you can easily build automation to power extraction, transformation and validation and generate insights from your data.

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Pattern builder

Pattern Builder

Quickly and easily create flawless automation to extract and format your data without help from technical experts. Start from scratch or use one of our 500 blueprints for common document types, including IRS and SEC documents.

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Data insights

Find what you’re looking for within your document data with tools and features that let you ask natural language questions, summarize and interact with your data—no training, targeting, or fine-tuning required.

Data transformer

Data Transformer

Easily create Transformations that identify data points from your source documents and reformat them according to your business requirements. Clean up formatting, append data, or connect disjointed data automatically, and be confident that your data is ready for action.



Get 100% actionable and structured data every time, guaranteed. With instant data cleanup and validation, Assurance establishes an automated checkpoint for your data, making sure it’s consistent, complete and exactly the format you need.

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