Data Inbox: More Data Action, Less Data Entry.

Data Inbox is the one platform for all your unstructured data actions, providing seamless connections from data sources to destinations, all packaged in an intuitive, easy-to-adopt tool. The result? More data action, less data entry.

Automate End to End
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Get Answers From Your Data

The Question Tool, our new GPT-powered way to find what you need in your unstructured data, lets you ask natural language questions about your documents—no training, targeting, or fine-tuning required.

Patterns Studio: Now You Can Automate Anything.

Building fully-automated, 100% custom unstructured data workflows used to be very hard, and even more so, expensive. Not anymore.  With Patterns Studio, you’ll have the tools you need to tackle any document data challenge and get instant results on even your most challenging use cases, with clear ROI on every document processed.

Patterns: Make Your Data Work for You.

Patterns are how automation is delivered in Data Inbox. Each Pattern has a simple job - to capture, clean, and validate unstructured data. They’re smart, tireless, and precise - and they work for you.

Automate Data Extraction
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Immediate results and impact

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All data traceable to source documents


File formats supported, and always adding more


Faster than manual data processing


Workflow for all your document automation

Alkymi features

Data inbox dashboard

Friendly, Easy-to-Use, and Powerful

Data Inbox is designed to fit seamlessly into existing workflows, and be operated by the same people doing the work manually today. With an intuitive, user-friendly design, it’s easy to adopt, and even easier to love.

Powerful Action-Oriented Machine Learning Components Await

When it comes to unstructured data workflows, there’s nothing as powerful as Data Inbox. Part of that is due to its advanced, out-of-the-box ML components that put you on the cutting edge, without any mystery.


Enterprise-Grade Security, From Top to Bottom

Alkymi is SOC2 Type 2 certified, and data security is our top priority. Whether it’s data encryption, penetration testing, or business continuity planning, we’re laser focused on protecting your data. Have extra-demanding vendor requirements? Our private cloud deployments have you covered there, too.

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Build Fully Custom, Real-Time Data Pipelines

Developers love the opportunities provided by our REST API, which is why Alkymi customers leverage it to power databases, fuel services, and feed apps and products with instantly actionable data. Access any data on demand, and create streaming data pipelines with our webhook.

From those in the know:

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At Asset Vantage (AV), we are working to make the complex simple for our family office clients. That’s why we’re partnering with best-in-class Alkymi and are adopting their Patterns Studio product to help bring discreet data—hidden in documents—into AV in a seamless manner to help families sharpen the picture of their wealth.

Chirag Nanavati
Managing Director | Asset Vantage

Alkymi’s powerful, AI-driven product portfolio, along with their experienced team, stood out and aligned with our core RPA strategy—making it all the more rewarding to play such a vital and growing role in their channel-focused go-to-market strategy.

Donald Scott
Director of Emerging Business Group | Ingram Micro

Using Alkymi, we extract structured data from PDFs without developing and maintaining direct integrations with multiple vendor systems. Alkymi does the heavy lifting of unifying data, which we utilize in our platform to create full cost transparency in fleet operations.

Lasse Gejl
Head of Product | PNO

Remedy is excited to work with Alkymi to enhance our workflow automation processes. Alkymi’s unique approach to computer vision and visual mapping in conjunction with NLP will greatly reduce manual efforts and ensure data accuracy. 

Jennifer Hill
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel | Remedy Analytics, Inc.

Alkymi Patterns opens up a new universe of workflow automation for institutional investors who struggle to extract insights from unstructured data quickly. SimCorp...can now address inefficiencies and a lack of automation in alternatives and the growing allocations of Limited Partners.

Hugues Chabanis
VP of Innovation | SimCorp

In our business, pension rollovers are a frequent and important use case. Today, that process is very human-intensive, time-consuming, and sometimes error-prone. We’re working with Alkymi to automate this process and make it real-time.

Raja Doddala
Managing Director and Head of FinTech Strategy & Development | TIAA

Alkymi has clearly identified a problem to be solved – that of extracting insight from unstructured data, and doing so in a way that automates large parts of the process while keeping humans in the loop.

Nick Patience
Lead Analyst for AI and Machine Learning | 451 Research

Alkymi effectively tackles a pervasive problem; enterprise email inboxes are silos where the content sitting there relies solely on manual human interaction to unlock it.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Founder | Deep Analysis

Damvad’s partnership with Alkymi allows our clients to access valuable data locked up in email, documents, and images. Our expertise and Alkymi Patterns together deliver the transformative value that our customers expect.

Asbjørn Boye Knudsen
Partner | Damvad Analytics

We have been impressed with Alkymi’s ability to automate complex email and document challenges which are very relevant for our financial services and insurance clients.

Vivek Agarwal
Partner Capital Markets Consulting | Wipro
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