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Data comes in all shapes and sizes

80% of the data that flows into your business is unstructured—trapped in PDFs, emails, images and slide decks. Whatever form your data comes in, Alkymi can automatically import and transform it.

Learn more about how we can help you retrieve your documents from portals and data rooms and upload them directly to Data Inbox with our portal document retrieval solution.

Portal document retrieval

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Data Inbox: your home base

Data Inbox is where all your unstructured data flows in and out of Alkymi, seamlessly connecting to your data sources and destinations. Prevent bottlenecks and keep your data moving so you can get more strategic insights and make faster decisions.

Data Inbox

Generative AI for your workflow with Alpha

Harness the power of LLMs to get instant answers from your own data sets, securely and directly within your data workflows. Make your data interactive and actionable with Alpha, generative AI built for financial services.


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Automation happens instantly with Patterns

Alkymi uses cutting-edge machine learning models to understand the data flowing into Data Inbox and apply the right Pattern, which contains all of the instructions to capture, transform, and structure your data, turning it into exactly what you need.


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Make your data work for you

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Transform & Enrich

Reformat and enhance your data to make it consistent with your business system requirements.

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Validate & Reconcile

Confirm receipt of expected documents and ensure the data is correct with automatic custom validation checks.

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Chat & Engage

Interact with your data. Ask questions, summarize documents, and gain insights with LLM-powered tools.

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Collaborate & Approve

Create individual assignments for your team and approve documents with a full dashboard view of your team’s workload.

Power your business actions

Once your data has been transformed, enriched, and reviewed, send everything you’ve captured directly into your business systems, export a CSV or trigger additional business workflows using our API.


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