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Our growing list of platform and app integrations




Connect to databases, data lakes, and other sources and destinations of data with our developer-friendly REST API, with full event-based webhook support, easy-to-add email integrations, and other user-triggered import/export options. Accommodate any database model, and ensure strict compliance with data types.

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Excel Export


Export data directly to Excel spreadsheets.

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Microsoft Power Automate


Import documents into Microsoft applications and services and build end-to-end workflows with the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including OneDrive, Sharepoint, Excel, DropBox, Box, and thousands of other applications.

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SimCorp Dimension


Extract data and power alternatives workflows in a unified Dimension workflow with our native, fully white labeled integration.

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Microsoft Exchange


Connect Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) directly to Data Inbox for real-time processing of emails and attachments. Label, automatically route, and action emails.

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Import data directly into Salesforce and power end-to-end automated business processes with Flows and Flow Orchestrator. Alkymi’s data model is also compatible with Salesforce Apex, allowing for custom actions to be written using Apex script.

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Connect GSuite directly to Data Inbox for real-time processing of emails and attachments. Label, automatically route, and action emails.

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Automatically import documents when triggered or use triggers to create an action when a document is approved. Unlock actions in more than 5,000+ enterprise applications like Quickbooks, Box, OracleDB, and more.

Connect Alkymi to your business

Unstructured data comes in many forms, from many places, and you need it to power your systems. Easily connect your business to Alkymi to immediately use your data with no coding or time-intensive data entry.

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Import unstructured data from anywhere

  • Upload your files directly with over 25 file types supported
  • Export data from emails, PDFs, documents, slide decks and even handwritten documents
  • Manage portal document retrieval with our end-to-end Portal Download Service
  • Connect data sources like email and cloud drives
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And export actionable data to your business

  • Connect Alkymi to thousands of apps through our integrations with business workflow tools, including Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier
  • Stream data directly to your business systems with our API or pre-built integrations
  • Directly feed your BI tools and cloud databases
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