Data Action Layer July 28, 2022

Find Your Plan to Unlock Your Data’s Value

by Patrick Vergara

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Do you know what untapped data your organization holds? Businesses of all sizes sit on significant insight and opportunity that can be unlocked by simply leveraging information already at hand. As Forbes noted recently, “data is as much of an asset as capital and should be treated accordingly.”

The real value in data is realized when it becomes actionable - when it’s no longer trapped in unstructured sources like PDFs, scans, or emails and it can be leveraged by applications, databases, or data warehouses. To do this, businesses need to structure their data - extract it, validate it, and transform it into something usable. Automatically importing usable data then translating it directly into a task, for example, yields dramatic time and resource savings when compared to manual imports and related processes. It can also greatly increase the scope of data available to businesses.

Eliminating unstructured data challenges

Business leaders operating independently, managing small teams, or advancing complex enterprises understand how easy access to data can lead to faster, smarter decision-making and quicker attainment of strategic outcomes. This, in turn, improves customer satisfaction and empowers employees to pivot when necessary or focus on work with greater strategic value (like doing data analysis rather than data entry).

Despite this understanding, leaders often stop short of taking action on critical business data. Extracting and analyzing data that’s locked in emails and other static documents is often a required task to achieve core business functions but it’s also a major use of valuable time and resources.

Regardless of business size or project scope, using AI-driven, no-code automation, Alkymi can help you centralize, extract, and transform your information. It can turn your unstructured data into actions and move you forward quickly on productive tasks. Alkymi is creating the data action layer, where your data becomes truly valuable.

Choosing your plan

Alkymi has a plan with straightforward pricing for every business. Where do you and your business fit in?

  • Starter Individuals or small teams with low document volume can use Alkymi Patterns Studio to convert paper-based documents, PDF files, scans, email attachments, information from online form fills, and more, into process-ready data. Custom-built automated workflows can, for example, rapidly scale the collection of time-sensitive data from over 27 file formats and incorporate it into operations while maintaining accuracy.
  • Team Small-to-medium size teams with moderate document volume can use Alkymi Patterns Studio to capture and validate unstructured data and turn it into real-world action, instantly triggering workflows, automating team notifications, creating support tickets, and more.Out-of-the box integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, and others, optimize these connected applications for all types of users and use cases with no coding required. This provides thousands of ways to build end-to-end workflows with your favorite business applications.
  • Enterprise Individuals or teams with high-volume workflows, private cloud deployments, or custom machine learning use cases can leverage custom workflow automation to improve stakeholder satisfaction as well as operational efficiency.

The client onboarding process, for example, is accelerated by up to 98% by surfacing structured and validated data across multiple document types. Siloed email inboxes across an enterprise can be automatically unlocked. Automated account statements, portfolio summaries, performance reports, ESG data collection, and more, help businesses move faster, respond better, and easily achieve regulatory compliance.

Alkymi’s core products, Data Inbox, Patterns Studio, and Patterns, power the examples above through intelligent document processing and workflow automation. Our Tailored plans provide just what you need to get started today.

Realizing the promise of process-ready data

Whether you identify most with a starter, team, or enterprise use case, turning operational headaches into operational efficiency can mean 98% faster processing and 10 times more output. Alkymi generates process-ready data from the breadth of your unstructured sources in just seconds to drive real-time business actions. This unlocks not only data, but exponential business value.

Discover what Alkymi can do for you by accessing a free trial today.

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