Today, we’re announcing the launch of Alkymi Patterns. Patterns represent an evolution in automation technology, putting the power to configure automated workflows, in real-time, directly in the hands of business users. Read the release here, and enjoy the visual below.

Patterns make workflows flow

Onboarding a client or processing valuable financial data from external sources requires capturing and extracting specific information from emails and documents—over and over again. Patterns is addressing an unmet need by giving line-of-business users the ability to reduce these manual workflows by 98% and configure advanced technology in a simple way, without writing code. 

Here's how Patterns work: 

  • Powered by computer vision and AI, Alkymi Patterns will locate targeted data inside email, forms, documents, and scanned images.
  • Patterns will capture the data and immediately extract it for review in Data Inbox, removing 98% of the manual workflow tasks for your employees.
  • From there, users can set up automated actions such as sending a confirmation emails, updating tickets, sending alerts, and more—automating workflows end-to-end.

Users can create and deploy a Pattern in under three minutes. There’s no limit to the amount of data you can capture and no limit to the number of Patterns you can build and deploy.

Any business process, so many use cases

Patterns automate any repetitive business process for hundreds of use cases such as processing alternatives and ESG data, investment performance reporting, operational email inbox automation, and much more. 

To deploy and configure Patterns requires little time, and users will see immediate value for all their well-defined use cases.

Available now for all Data Inbox customers. Schedule a demo with us to see Patterns in action, or download the product brief. 

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