Turn your data into actions! Feed thousands of business applications with process-ready data.

More Actions in More Applications

Document Management

Collect, organize, and share your documents

Source, sort, upload and collect business-critical documents by connecting to document and file management platforms like Onedrive, Dropbox, and Box for accelerated document workflows.


Export structured, validated data to systems of record

Directly feed databases, spreadsheets, and systems of record with data that’s ready for analysis without any additional cleanup. Guarantee that all of your data meets strict type requirements so it’s ready for analysis without any cleanup or ETL step.


Get customer-focused workflows flowing

Customer data demands instant attention, team collaboration, and precision handling. With integrations to platforms like Salesforce, Slack, and Hubspot, you can supercharge customer-focused workflows with actionable data.

Project Managment

Get more out of your productivity suite

Connect Data Inbox directly to Microsoft Outlook and Gmail inboxes and project tracking tools like Jira to fuel more transparent, efficient, and automated operations workflows. Instantly create tickets, plug into shared inboxes, and update task statuses with actionable document data.

Seamlessly turn data into actions,

Alkymi Data Inbox

A true end-to-end workflow means making it easy to plug into your data sources, like email and cloud drives, and data destinations, like business applications, excel files, or databases.

Flexible APIs

Alkymi’s extensible and well-documented APIs allow for integration with virtually any system. They provide capabilities for you to upload your files into Data Inbox as well as to access data extracted from documents with the associated document metadata. Our APIs are defined based on the construction of your pattern making them dynamic and flexible for covering multiple use cases in one Data Inbox.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

By partnering with established RPA companies like UiPath and Blue Prism, Alkymi has further expanded our automation capabilities. The combination of RPA and Data Inbox provides even more tailored solutions to meet your specific business requirements and goals. For example, by using an RPA tool to automatically download documents from specified websites to load into Data Inbox for processing, your operations team can save valuable hours and even days of time each month. Additionally, RPA tools can be used in conjunction with Data Inbox’s broad functionality to further integrate with enterprise applications like Oracle NetSuite and SAP Cloud.

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