New July 12, 2023

Alpha utilizes generative AI to get instant answers from your documents

Our newest product, Alpha, generative AI built to get instant answers from financial services documents and proprietary data sets, is now live and available for use in your data workflows.

Alpha features include:

  • Document Chat: Chat with documents and receive verifiable, traceable answers
  • Semantic Search: Surface relevant and related documents with LLM-powered contextual understanding
  • Summarization: Summarize documents of any length and format in your data workflows
  • Answer Tool: Create an ongoing system to generate answers from a cadence of documents in a workflow
  • Data repositories: Use your own proprietary data sets to get answers across a set of documents you define, allowing you to shape a well-defined information space for your exploration and data discovery

Supporting over 25 file types and able to generate answers in more than 95 languages, Alpha can be used as a standalone tool or in tandem with Ready-Made Patterns or Patterns Studio. Apply validation rules or use Data Transformer to automatically transform answers into the format you need for your systems or reporting.

Try out Alpha with your data through our 7-day individual free trial or 2-month explorer pack for your team. 

Read our documentation as well as the blog post and press release to learn more about Alpha. 

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