Product Updates July 12, 2023

Achieve Alpha with generative AI in your workflows

by Harald Collet

Website Alpha Launch

Today we’re launching Alpha, a generative AI solution built to get instant answers from documents and proprietary data sets. Alpha is built specifically for financial services to unleash the full potential of their unstructured data and make it truly interactive. 

Using our new interactive chat experience or structured workflows, firms can now accelerate critical business activities such as conducting due diligence, interpreting investment performance, crafting quarterly reports, and answering client inquiries. Alpha works within the Alkymi platform to unlock your data from proprietary data sets and documents, while ensuring accuracy and keeping your data secure.

Supporting over 25 file types and able to generate answers in more than 95 languages, Alpha features include:

  • Document Chat: Chat with documents and receive verifiable, traceable answers
  • Semantic Search: Surface relevant and related documents with LLM-powered contextual understanding

  • Summarization: Summarize documents of any length and format in your data workflows

  • Answer Tool: Create an ongoing system to generate answers from a cadence of documents in a workflow

  • Data repositories: Use your own proprietary data sets to get answers across a set of documents you define, allowing you to shape a well-defined information space for your exploration and data discovery

    Customers are excited about applying Alpha to the front and back office to solve for use cases such as being able to instantly respond to tickets with in-depth answers from data across multiple documents or to draft internal investment memos with comprehensive document summarization and additional context through chat.

    Other use ideal use cases for Alpha include:

    • Investor due diligence and opportunity evaluation

    • Research & Data Mining

    • Customer & RFP answers

    • Client interactions

    Alkymi is empowering our customers to use LLMs with confidence. We keep your data encrypted and ensure it’s not used to train a model. To build confidence in model output, answers can be traced directly back to their sources in documents.

    Ready to try Alpha with your own documents?

    We have two options available to make piloting Alpha easy and straightforward - a single license 7-day free trial or a 60-day exploration pack that you can try with your team. Learn more on how to get started at

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