Tech Corner September 15, 2021

In the Loop: Joe Sacchetti on the Importance of Partnerships in the Age of Digital Transformation

by Harald Collet

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Joe Sacchetti is an industry veteran with expertise in creating partner channels—from inception to success—using proven and innovative techniques, such as the “6 Pillars of Channel Success,” which he introduced during his time at MIT Sloan School of Business. He’s also an avid runner and former Army boxer who’s traveled to over a hundred countries and loves to share stories about people, places, and food.

Why are partnerships in the software space so crucial?

Good question! Innovative software companies like Alkymi focus on developing ground-breaking solutions that tackle unchartered challenges in today’s business world. They bring together technology and expertise to deliver high-impact products that help companies stay agile and competitive. 

The next job is to make these products widely available to the industry that is thirsty for them, which is the prized role of the channel. Partners are essential in establishing a solid, mutually beneficial bridge between the customer and the technology partner. They accelerate their customers’ success by offering them the latest and greatest technology on the market. 

What makes up a good partnership, and why are companies excited to partner with Alkymi?

The first pillar of success every partner looks for is a product that’s easily packaged and is relevant/solves an actual problem. Our partners like Alkymi because our solution addresses the massive problem of manual unstructured data processing prevalent in virtually any business, especially across the financial services sector. They know that by partnering with us, they get technology and industry expertise that can be extended to their customers.

Besides the actual product, partners know that they will receive the right amount of support to achieve excellent margin and bulletproof registration, enable robust professional services, co-marketing opportunities, and the mutual re-investment—all six pillars of success covered!

What are we offering our partners?

Great partners are always seeking to hone their expertise and offer complete solutions to customers in need. Alkymi helps partners address the “first mile” of automation by extracting and transforming unstructured data so that other existing solutions, such as RPA, can pick the info up and fulfill the promise of end-to-end automation. Working in a complementary fashion to improve the customer workflow (and experience) makes adding Alkymi to the portfolio a no-brainer choice for partners in the digital transformation and automation space. Even better, our partners can now offer a free trial so their customers can take the solution around the block and see for themselves how much repetitive human effort can be solved by using Alkymi Patterns.

What types of partnerships are we looking for?

Some companies look to sign tons of partners—not so at Alkymi. Here, we believe in building a competent cadre of technology-forward consultants and resellers focused on accelerating their customers’ digital transformation initiatives by tackling the “first mile” of automation. We welcome partners who are ready to journey as a team and win together.

To learn more about our partnership initiative, email us at:‍

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