Make your workflows actually flow

Your business is full of patterns—a series of repeated actions that get the job done. Every time you process a customer email, invoice, form, spreadsheet, or document, you follow a pattern. 

Alkymi Patterns lets anyone automate these repetitive tasks with targeted data extraction from unstructured documents and emails, creating workflows that actually flow.

See how Patterns works

Patterns can automate




customer requests

operations inboxes

capital calls

Finish faster with data automation

Identify the documents and emails required for automated data extraction. Pick the data you need (names, dates, percentages, and much more).

  • Any data or document format → Over 27 enterprise file formats supported.

  • Any email application → Extract data directly from any email application.

Solve any document processing challenge

Powered by computer vision, machine learning, and a deep understanding of tabular data structures, Patterns will determine the context and location of the exact data points you need and immediately capture them.

  • Immediate data extraction → Extracted data appears instantly in Data Inbox for human-in-the-loop review.

  • Custom validation → Patterns helps users to employ customer-maintained datasets for validation.

Get your workflows

Finalize your Pattern, and add further automation such as setting up webhooks, alerts, triggers, or data retrieval. There’s no limit to the number of Patterns you can create or automation you can build.

  • Three minutes to automate → Patterns take minutes to create and deploy.

  • Eliminate manual work → Complete business process 98% faster.

Immediate results and impact

3 mins

To define and create a pattern


Faster workflows


Patterns you can create


File formats supported

Client onboarding

Obtain statements and uploaded customer forms

Target data to be extracted from documents

Missing information is flagged for review

Account manager alerted to contact client

Operational emails

Pull email and attachments from shared inbox

Target data to be extracted from attachments

Send structured data payload via API to database

Create operations ticket and initiate workflow

Make your workflows flow

Design your own data workflows

Eliminate operational bottlenecks and simplify processes with Patterns designed and configured by you. Alkymi Patterns is now available for all Data Inbox users.

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