Product Updates October 14, 2021

54 Blueprints for Automation Success

by Patrick Vergara

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What do errors, dissatisfied customers, and stressed employees have in common? They’re all results of manual data processing—and are likely happening at your organization today. Even with some basic automation in place, your highly skilled staff is forced to roll up their sleeves and dedicate valuable time daily to complete tedious data entry work to turn raw data into actionable information. After all, current automation technology can’t solve all of your unstructured data scenarios, right?

54 reasons to say “yes” to automation...before your competitors do

At Alkymi, we’ve spent years working with hundreds of banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) customers to disprove the myth that workflows containing complex documents can’t be automated. We’ve helped open their eyes to how the latest advancements in intelligent data processing (IDP) can effectively address the most complex scenarios, such as data extraction from emails and alternative and private markets documents. We’ve also built business cases that reveal automating data workflows no longer requires massive resource investments. But most importantly, we’re changing how organizations think about unstructured data automation—going from “This can’t be automated” to “What else can we automate?”

To share this transformational thinking and help you unleash the art of the possible, we’ve launched blueprints for 54 Alkymi Patterns. We’ve looked at a range of common yet challenging unstructured data use cases and have designed Patterns blueprints with the elements needed to build successful automation for each. Once they’re automated, these Patterns will allow for data validation and normalization and next-step actions that push “clean” data down the business process.

Our initial list of 54 Patterns blueprints covers common use cases in BFSI and beyond. Together with our ecosystem of partners, we’re constantly adding new Patterns blueprints to this rapidly growing menu. Today, you’ll find financial services sub-verticals and use cases, such as:

  • Tax: 1099, W-2, W-4, W-9, K-1 
  • Alternatives/private equity: capital calls and distributions/transaction notices, PCAP, NAV, quarterly reports, capital account statements 
  • Client onboarding/KYC: drivers licenses, bills, passports, certificates of incorporation, statements, bills, prospectuses
  • Wealth management: bank account statements, tax forms, client engagement agreements, investment management agreements, custodial statements, brokerage statements
  • Finance: invoices, receipts, checks
  • And more

For those just starting out, these blueprints offer guidance on what can be automated while highlighting the types of data targets that can easily be extracted and transformed using Data Inbox.

For current Alkymi users, these blueprints can serve as an inspiration on what to automate next while offering them a shortcut to building their own automation. They can take these blueprints and turn them into proper automated Patterns—with or without modifications.

If you’re unable to find a blueprint that fits your needs, we’ve made it incredibly easy to create one in minutes for any document—no coding required. You can also email us your suggestions, and we will create the blueprint for you.

Learn to love your data process

At Alkymi, we combine industry, technology, and data science expertise to help you approach your data workflow automation with confidence. Every aspect of our product, including the addition of Patterns blueprints, is designed to eliminate operational headaches from your data workflows and get you to unlock the full potential of your data at scale. Let us change your perception of unstructured data workflow automation. Connect with us today to get a demo.

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