Alkymi has been named in the Forrester® New Tech™: Computer Vision Platforms, Q3 2021 report. We were included in the “early-stage” vendor segment for our intelligent document extraction capabilities.

Forrester’s New Tech Computer Vision Platforms

According to Forrester, “CV, once the purview of tech giants, startups, and innovation teams, has gone mainstream. Enterprises as far as the eye can see are implementing intelligent text extraction solutions to automate more and more of their document-based processes and unlock the data trapped in ever-growing mountains of paper and electronic documents.”

Forrester added, “To develop your own vision solutions, or implement ones that come tailored for particular use cases, you need the right platform. Tech leaders should use this report to understand the capabilities of emerging vendors within major segments of the CV platforms market to inform their technology strategies.”

At Alkymi, our goal is to eliminate operational headaches associated with document and data processing by giving our customers a shortcut to decision making. We’re simplifying how professionals interact with data by uniting information from disparate sources in a centralized decision hub—accelerating processing time and improving audits with clear traceability to the data source. Once this information lands in Data Inbox, we leverage machine learning and computer vision technologies to isolate specific pieces of data and transform it into a structured format before sending it off to its next destination. By combining easy-to-use tools with human-in-the-loop expertise, we free employees from tedious, error-prone tasks to focus on high-value, rewarding work.

If you are a Forrester client, you can access the report here to learn more.

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