October 3, 2023

Datos Insights: Wealth Management and Capital Markets Forum

Panel: Everyone Wants to Manage Your Data - The New EDM Paradigm

Join us Tuesday October 3rd at 3:30pm 

A shift in the traditional enterprise data management (EDM) model toward Data-as-a-Service continues to take shape within capital markets as new technologies and customer needs evolve. Not only is the industry seeing the movement toward data in the cloud, but new players, such as custodians and service providers, have also entered the market to compete directly with the traditional EDM vendors, forcing the industry to adapt and evolve.

This panel will consider:

  • How technology solutions are evolving and enabling outsourced data management
  • How financial institutions should navigate the increasingly crowded data management space
  • The benefits and challenges associated with the Data-as-a-Service model in respect of EDM
  • How the trend toward “bring your own data” plays into both data management and data in the cloud

About the event

The securities and investments industry seems to be struck by an insatiable demand for MORE. Clients want new products, access to private markets, and new tools and solutions. Employees want better products, tools, and support for remote and hybrid environments. Regulators want more data, more quickly, in easily manipulated digital formats.

Register now to join executives from leading financial institutions, Datos Insights' (formerly Aite-Novarica Group) Wealth Management and Capital Markets advisors, and other Securities & Investments industry experts as they explore the client and regulator in the context of the new products and digital capabilities firms are deploying to offer a more holistic solution.

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