Update October 26, 2022

Improved user management with updated User Groups

To empower user management for our customers, we have revamped our User Groups to more clearly differentiate between different roles. In particular, there is now a distinction between being able to manage users and being able to manage Patterns.

The new roles and their permissions are below:

  • Standard users
    • Access Data Inbox
    • View, review, and reprocess documents
    • Assign documents to themselves
    • Enable/ Disable/ View Patterns
  • Manager users
    • Includes the capabilities of the Standard User Group
    • Manage all users' details
    • Assign/reassign documents to other users
    • Unassign documents from other users or from self
  • Creator users
    • Includes the capabilities of the Manager User Group
    • Can create and edit Patterns
    • Can add and edit automation to Patterns
    • Access power-user options in Admin
  • Owner users have the same capabilities as Creator users, and are also designated as the point of contact for the tenant for communication purposes.

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