Company Updates March 8, 2023

Welcoming our new board member - Andrea Remyn Stone

by Harald Collet

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I'm delighted to announce that Andrea Remyn Stone has joined the Alkymi Board of Directors as our newest member.‍

Andrea and I first crossed professional paths at Bloomberg when I was launching Bloomberg Vault and she was the Global Head of Strategy and Corporate Development. During that fun and coffee-fueled era, we created the first operating plan for Bloomberg’s compliance business and later convinced the board to invest in what would become a successful product line with more than 1,000 enterprise customers. As we scaled the business, Andrea helped us acquire two smaller software companies, adding important IP and opening up new markets for us. It was fantastic to collaborate with Andrea to tackle all of the thorny issues in my business, and it became the basis of a great relationship.

‍Back in 2017, when I ran the nascent concept for Alkymi by Andrea, she encouraged us to push ahead and actually ended up writing the first check into the company. It’s exciting to now close the loop and get a chance to collaborate again.‍

Besides our shared history at Bloomberg, Andrea brings a wealth of experience to our board. Her impressive journey includes leadership positions at a who’s who of global financial institutions such as Standard & Poor’s, DealLogic, ION, Refinitiv, and most recently CEO of the $6.5B Data and Analytics division of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

With her proven track record in data management, FinTech, and strategic planning, Andrea could have joined the board of just about any company and I feel incredibly fortunate (and proud) that she has chosen ours. Her drive for innovation and transformation that I first marveled at way back when is guaranteed to bring not just a unique voice to our board, but invaluable guidance as we continue to grow and expand.

Please join me in welcoming Andrea Remyn Stone to Alkymi, I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together this time around!

– Harald

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