Product Updates October 17, 2023

Tidy up your data with Tags

by Elizabeth Matson

Website Tags Launch

Organizing your data should be easier than organizing your house. Imagine your incoming unstructured data like a perfectly tidy, Marie Kondo-inspired bookshelf, organized by genre or spine color so you can find just what you’re looking for at a glance. Document Tags can now make that possible.

When your data is processed by Alkymi, you can sort through it by file name, look at your records by Pattern, or sort by status or assigned reviewer. Now, with Tags, you can add a new level of organization to your files as you review them in Data Inbox. Add color-coded Tags customized for your needs so you can select only the documents you’re looking for. By filtering for one or more tags, you can create your own unique view of your data within Data Inbox.

Watch the video below to see how to create and manage your tags:

Tips to get started:

  • Sort your Capital Calls or Distributions by fund name to filter for every notice from a fund at once
  • Tag research reports by industry so you can quickly see all your processed research in a specific field, regardless of file names
  • Create a Tax Form label for all your incoming K-1s, K-2s, and K-3s to see related tax documents across your different Patterns, then add a Tag for each investor to easily isolate and find all your tax forms for individual entities
  • Color-code and tag documents by sender, such as by bank name or broker

Keeping your data organized benefits your whole business, and we’re here to make it easy (just don’t ask us to color-code your bookshelf).

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