Company Updates January 17, 2023

New Alkymi + Althub Partnership Unlocks Data Value Faster

by Patrick Vergara

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Going it alone is rarely the best approach for success. At Alkymi, we believe in partnerships — especially ones that help us expand our reach to make work easier. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Althub. This exciting partnership will help Althub users transform unstructured data into actionable, ready-to-use information quickly and easily.

How does it work?

Althub’s mission is to turn businesses’ data into a revenue-generating asset, a pursuit which is complemented perfectly by Alkymi. Althub clients can now leverage Alkymi’s Data Action Layer to fuel those business outcomes. With Alkymi, unstructured data locked in PDFs, emails, scans, and other files is quickly and easily transformed for instant analysis and action.

Once the formerly unstructured data is translated by Alkymi’s Data Action Layer, Althub uses machine learning to test a variety of monetization use cases and verify the resulting insight. Althub then helps deliver marketing offerings to maximize that data’s value. No more manual processing time; no more unstructured data left unmonetized.

The power of the Alkymi and Althub partnership can be easily visualized. Imagine a business owner sitting on a treasure trove of data that she knows can fuel revelatory investment insights but the relevant information is so buried, she has no idea how to sort through all the irrelevant context to make use of the insights within.

The untapped potential is clear. Businesses today are often confident they have game-changing insights about the efficacy of their investments but they lack the ability to trudge through their enormous volumes of data effectively enough to uncover the information they’d need to critically analyze their investment trajectories. Until now.

Althub alone exists to sort and analyze structured data, producing the actionable insights a business can prosper upon. What’s been left unmonetized are the heaps of unstructured data that have gone untouched. Enter the power of Alkymi: best-in-class data extraction designed specifically for unstructured data. Alkymi augments Althub’s offering perfectly.

The symbiotic relationship between the two solutions is alive not just in theory but also in practice. The two are seamlessly integrated via API and other ingestion methods for easy deployment. A business’ raw data can be instantly processed with data targets easily extracted for analysis by Althub that results in investment insights.

“We are excited by this partnership, which allows a client to leverage two technologies in one seamless path,” noted Althub CEO Scott Hall. “This opens up a wealth of data monetization strategies.”

Better together for you

Curious how you could benefit from this partnership? Explore how the Data Action Layer can create new efficiencies to drive your business forward: request to speak with someone today.

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