Product Updates April 20, 2023

Announcing our EU cloud and international support for GPT-powered features

by Elizabeth Matson

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Alkymi’s global offerings are growing! We are excited to announce that we now offer a European shared cloud deployment to support our customers around the world and deliver our new GPT-powered features internationally, including in countries where GDPR requires data be hosted in Europe.

Enterprise and financial services organizations must follow strict requirements to meet data privacy regulations. The software you select needs to not only solve your challenges and meet your objectives, but also deliver on enterprise SLAs and security requirements of your customers.

With our new European cloud instance, your deployment is hosted entirely in the EU, so you can align with GDPR requirements without the need to invest in a private cloud. This includes making all of Alkymi’s GPT-powered products and services available in the EU cloud as well, for our customers who choose to add them to their workflows.

As we continue to serve leading financial services customers around the globe, we are investing in building more tools and processes that add to our ability to support our enterprise customers’ hosting, information security, and enterprise architecture requirements.

In addition to providing a European cloud option, Alkymi also:‍

  • has successfully completed a Type 2 SOC2 examination conducted by an independent CPA firm to ensure your data is handled securely and with the highest level of privacy protection.
  • offers Private Cloud deployments, which are covered by the SOC2 Report and designed to meet even the strictest security requirements.
  • undergoes annual penetration testing and business continuity drills.
  • provides enterprise authorization frameworks like SSO, IP whitelisting and private network access.
  • can connect to your databases and apps with our enterprise API, populating them with actionable data in real-time.
  • has a full audit trail of your data, as well as the option for a user access audit, so you can manage team access and trace any data action back to its source. 
  • can easily define your individual user roles for your team members so you can manage, control and audit access to your data.
  • can provide comprehensive GDPR documentation complementing our EU deployment, including a Data Handling Policy, FAQ, a Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) and a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) with Standard Contractual Clauses for controller-processor transfers.

We’re excited to offer this new deployment alongside our other new products and features, such as the new GPT-powered Answer Tool and Summarization Pattern, our dashboard, and Data Transformer.

Find out more about how you can use Alkymi while keeping your data in the EU by scheduling a demo.

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