Company Updates January 27, 2023

Alkymi and Ledgex Partner to Help Family Offices Capitalize on Alternative Investment Growth

by Bethany Walsh

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The 6 trillion USD global family offices market is expanding rapidly with an expected CAGR of 7.09% through 2025. This signals many exciting upcoming opportunities for those in alternative investing who are prepared to capitalize. Many family offices, however, often struggle just to keep up with current work from servicing existing assets and clients. One major reason is cumbersome data management due to the waves of client statements and capital notices arriving in documents—via emails and in portals—that’s made it a time-consuming roadblock to generating actionable and accurate data for client reporting, risk management, and front-office decision making.

This long standing industry hurdle has finally been cleared thanks to a new partnership between Alkymi and Ledgex. By bringing together Alkymi’s data workflow automation and the Ledgex Pro multi-asset class portfolio management and accounting solution, collection and management processes can be automated. As a result, family offices can do more with less and take advantage of a future-defining market boom.

The platform dive

Ledgex Pro is the most comprehensive platform for family offices to manage diverse portfolios. It brings together accounting, investment and entity ownership books of records so teams only have to capture and reconcile data once. A Confidence Index powered by advanced algorithms also applies a level of surety to underlying data, eliminating the countless hours staff previously needed to prove data quality, while presenting portfolio, financial and ownership details in a whole new light.

Alkymi’s platform - delivered through the Data Inbox and Patterns Studio products - automatically identifies, captures and structures critical information in wealth and asset management. Using machine learning, Alkymi instantly turns valuable real-world data trapped in documents, emails and files into validated business data with no technical training necessary.‍

Through the partnership, mission-critical data—culled by Alkymi from capital and financial statements, notice and confirms, K-1s and partnership agreements—is immediately made accessible in Ledgex Pro. There, family office portfolio managers can conduct advanced modeling as well as performance and analytics, accompanied by workflow automation in areas from inbox integration to source data acquisition.

The result for family offices is streamlined workflows, lower costs and better performance. Equally important, they can now onboard clients faster and deliver enhanced digital experiences, giving them a valuable competitive edge.

A path to the future

As Alkymi CEO and co-founder Harald Collet noted: “Working with Ledgex to automate data workflows for family offices will be a transformative efficiency win for our mutual customers. By integrating Alkymi's advanced AI/ML solutions, Ledgex customers can refocus employees on more strategic work such as deeper investment analysis, leading to better returns.”

Ledgex CEO, Nicole Eberhardt, added: “The needs of family offices are unique and specific technology is required to scale and seize opportunity in this developing market. Combining best-of-breed data workflow technology with our purpose-built portfolio management and accounting solution allows family offices to do more with less, which can also help overcome industry talent shortages.”‍

For family offices, these dramatic new benefits will not only help them capitalize on a market boom, they will open a path toward securing their place in the future.

Curious how you could benefit from this partnership? Explore how the Data Action Layer can create new efficiencies to drive your business forward: request to speak with someone today.

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