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Data Inbox: Free your unstructured data to accelerate and automate your operations

Alkymi Data Inbox liberates data stuck in emails and documents with real-time, automated data extraction and powers workflows with clean, process-ready data.

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Easy-to-onboard, easy-to-use

Alkymi Data Inbox can be up and running at your organization in a matter of days, not weeks. And, you’ll see higher efficiency and value immediately. 

  • User-friendly, intuitive UI that seamlessly slots into any data workflow.
  • Use your own mapping logic and data labels for customized workflows. 
  • Work with your data immediately: view, filter, and receive alerts to optimize your work. 
  • Track the data back to its source and maintain auditability. 

Data Inbox can host an unlimited number of automation jobs addressing any data extraction challenge. Start with one and add more at any time.

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