Product Updates May 21, 2021

Alkymi Data Inbox now available on Zapier

by Patrick Vergara

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At Alkymi, we’re focused on giving business users a way to automate manual workflows without writing code. We want you to use data to take actions instantly, and build workflows that actually flow.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that Alkymi is now available on Zapier. It’s one more way that Alkymi customers can get more out of workflows powered by Data Inbox.

Zapier is a market-leading automation platform that allows users to build workflows out of connected applications like Alkymi Data Inbox, Microsoft Office products, Twilio, Salesforce, and 3,000 others.

Adding Zapier to your Alkymi Data Inbox workflow unlocks a huge number of ways to supercharge your processes and maximize the impact of connected applications by taking instant actions.

Using Zapier with Alkymi Data Inbox, you can build data-driven workflows powered by information pulled from document or email data without writing a single line of code. Route and save files, visualize data, alert, schedule, trigger and initiate processes, and more—all powered by the intelligence of Alkymi Data Inbox. Zapier unlocks a broad range of ready-to-go integrations for Data Inbox customers, enabling them to connect to a wide range of applications.

Here’s an example of what can happen when Alkymi Data Inbox and Zapier work together:

  • PDFs are pulled from specific locations on Microsoft OneDrive by Zapier and sent to Data Inbox for processing.
  • Emails are read by Data Inbox through Alkymi's deep Microsoft Exchange integration.
  • A new lead is automatically created in Salesforce by Zapier, triggered and populated by the targeted data pulled from the emails and PDFs by Patterns in Data Inbox.
  • Using data from Data Inbox + Zapier, a tracking Excel is updated automatically, and a detailed ticket is created in Jira by Data Inbox to request action from an account manager.
  • Documents and attachments are intelligently routed to specific folders in OneDrive with new file names based on the data extracted from Patterns in Data Inbox.

To learn more about this integration or see what it’s like to take instant actions with Alkymi Data Inbox, schedule a demo with us.

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