Product Updates May 30, 2024

Finding the data needle in the document haystack

by Elizabeth Matson

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Alkymi is launching two new features to make finding the exact data you need faster, easier, and more accurate.

Extracting and processing data isn’t the end of your workflow. Even after your documents have been transformed from statements, reports, or emails into structured data points and delivered into your firm’s downstream systems, there’s often more to be done. You might be analyzing incoming documents over the past quarter, ensuring every statement from a fund has been received and processed, or helping the front office find the answer to a customer question. When you need to find the right documents or data points quickly, searching through countless spreadsheets, emails, or files in your hard drive is not the solution.

Data Inbox, Alkymi’s central hub for ingesting and processing your data, is where your incoming documents are aggregated and classified across your firm’s workflows and use cases. With our new features for better data discoverability and organization, the platform is even more powerful in helping you locate and analyze your data.

Find data across your documents using Alkymi in two new ways:

  • Find related records from within the Document Viewer: When viewing any document within Alkymi’s platform, you can click the button next to any extracted data field to find documents with matching data, with the option to add a date range to limit your results to a particular period. With one view of all your related documents, you can easily and efficiently compare extracted records across multiple documents.

    Example: Quickly find all your documents within a Pattern with the same fund name, account name, or account number, such as all your Brokerage Statements from the same broker, so you can compare holdings and transactions over time. You could also find statements containing records related to a particular holding, such as all statements including a specific stock symbol, to more easily identify any areas of high exposure.

  • Create a custom filtered view of your documents: Use any number of filters in the Records tab to view and analyze data points across specific documents. Because Alkymi automatically detects and validates data types, you’ll see filter options matching the type of that data field, i.e. the option to filter the “Statement Start Date” field by a date range.

    Example: Easily filter all documents in the current year with the same client name to make sure you have a complete view of their portfolio, or show only capital calls that have an unfunded commitment over $50k so you can better manage your cash flow and plan for upcoming calls.

These new features help our clients quickly and easily sort through large amounts of data to find the information that they need. Click through the tour below for a walk-through of how to return a list of related documents and more easily analyze your data.

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