Company Updates December 14, 2021

Alkymi Selected by Interactive Brokers to Streamline Client Onboarding and Boost the Customer Experience

by Harald Collet

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Today, we are excited to announce the onboarding of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., an automated global electronic broker that operates one of the largest electronic trading platforms by volume in the US. The company chose Alkymi Data Inbox and Alkymi Patterns to enable a state-of-the-art digital client onboarding experience for its customers and to efficiently support its rapidly growing customer base.

“Transforming the client onboarding process is top of mind for leading enterprises worldwide,” said Harald Collet, Alkymi CEO and co-founder. “With Alkymi, Interactive Brokers will be able to set a new standard in client experience, onboarding speed, and operational excellence leveraging AI-powered automation technology for global address verification.”

Interactive Brokers is a securities firm with $10 billion in equity capital and currently executes more than 2 million trades a day. Through the use of Data Inbox and Patterns, Interactive Brokers will be able to eliminate manual collection, extraction, and transformation of data and focus on client service while improving costs. The company considers its adoption of Alkymi as a strategic collaboration in the client experience for its broker/dealer business, which will translate into more satisfied brokerage customers.

“The need to meet high customer expectations while adhering to regulatory and business requirements is a challenge for any financial institution,” commented Yochai Korn, Global Head of Market Data and Research at Interactive Brokers. “Alkymi’s deep understanding of financial workflows and how to efficiently automate them gives us the ability to transform the client experience and offer entirely new data products. Our customers will be pleased.”

Alkymi Patterns leverages machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision to extract and structure targeted data (including handwriting) from over 27 file formats while surfacing “not in good order” (NIGO) data for accelerated exception handling. Alkymi Data Inbox offers seamless workflow and enterprise integrations to speed onboarding processes. The combined solution enables employees to complete the necessary work faster for better customer service and an improved bottom line.

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