Company Updates April 15, 2024

Expanding our embedded integration with SimCorp

by Harald Collet

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Alkymi’s relationship with SimCorp is long-standing and one of the foundational partnerships behind our company. With SimCorp as both a customer and also an early investor in Alkymi, we’ve partnered to bring cutting-edge machine learning technology to investment managers for years. Looking ahead, we are excited to see this relationship grow and evolve with continued mutual client success and product expansion.

Starting in 2020, we partnered with SimCorp to offer Alkymi’s Capital Notices Pattern, an automated document processing workflow designed to extract critical data from Capital Calls and Distributions, embedded within SimCorp’s Alternatives Investment solutions. Over the last 4 years, we have continued to improve our fully native integration to make it seamless, with more and more customers utilizing it to efficiently process their Capital Notices. With access to verified, complete alternatives data, our joint clients capture business benefits in investment operations such as responding faster to changing markets and launching new investment strategies.

Mutual customers have two ways to work with Alkymi and SimCorp. They can use the integration embedded into the SimCorp platform where, after uploading their documents, they are seamlessly processed by Alkymi in the background to extract, transform, and validate key data points. The processed data is displayed for review and matched to the transactions, so customers can benefit from Alkymi’s machine learning-powered data workflows without leaving the SimCorp platform.

We can also help customers integrate additional document data into the SimCorp platform via API. In addition to automating Capital Notices, our partnership enables firms to centralize other unstructured investment document workflows in the Alkymi platform and effortlessly push verified data from multiple work streams into their SimCorp workflows. To create an end-to-end workflow for our clients, Alkymi also offers a full portal retrieval solution for automating downloads of statements from investor portals and data rooms.

As we continue to serve more joint customers, we have expanded our embedded integration with SimCorp by offering automated processing for Schedules of Investments as well. Much like Capital Notices, firms can upload their SOIs in the SimCorp platform for instant processing through Alkymi, with the exact data points they need delivered back to them.

Firms can automate all of their investment document workflows through Alkymi’s platform, from Schedules of Investments and Capital Account Statements to financial statements, tax documents and more. Even data from highly complex documents—such as prospectuses, loan agreements, and CIMs—can be extracted, transformed, and verified in the Alkymi platform. The approved data can then be sent directly to the SimCorp platform and into your existing workflows, reporting, and analytics.

SimCorp clients have been able to maximize valuable business benefits since the partnership with Alkymi began in 2020. With Alkymi’s AI-powered document workflows, our clients are powering up their SimCorp platform with an embedded intelligent document processing solution that will continue to be expanded upon, to cover additional use cases. We are committed to supporting such innovation, as we expand our partner ecosystem and deliver curated choice to the market.

Ross LeBlanc 
Senior Product Manager for Alternative Investments, SimCorp

Find out more about Alkymi and SimCorp’s partnership and additional use cases Alkymi can help your firm automate by visiting our booth at this month’s SimCorp Global Summit. Stop by for a demo or get in touch to schedule a meeting with our sales team.

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