Data Action Layer November 30, 2022

Alkymi: The Solution That Makes Workflows Flow

by Patrick Vergara

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Alkymi is empowering businesses to unlock their data and supercharge workflows. 

Whether you’re using Alkymi to onboard a new client or process valuable financial data, taking action on your most important data means extracting specific information stored in emails and documents—over and over again. Our products—Data Inbox, Patterns Studio, and Patterns—empower business users to create a Data Action Layer that turns those processes that once caused operational headaches into a source of efficiency, insight, and action.

With Alkymi, your team will move 98% faster than they do with manual processes; you’ll have 100% of source data auditable; and with more than 500 Patterns Blueprints available in our pre-built library, you’ll be ready to tackle unstructured data ingestion from 27 supported email and document formats.

Are you ready to see the Data Action Layer in action? Great news, our demo is now available on-demand! Watch the video now to see how Alkymi can help your team’s workflows flow.

Watch the full demo here any time.

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