Company Updates August 29, 2023

Alkymi and Portfolio BI partner to empower alternative asset managers

by Elizabeth Matson

Website Portfolio BI

To identify opportunities, grow portfolios, and make strategic decisions that win clients, you need in-depth data. For alternative asset managers, access to portfolio analytics and market data is just as critical as real-time insights from your brokerage/custodial statements, tax forms, and other data that’s often hidden in unstructured documents like emails, PDFs, and slide decks.

We’re excited to share that we’re partnering with Portfolio BI, a provider of portfolio analytics and reporting solutions, to bring structured and unstructured data sources together.

Alkymi helps financial services and asset management firms unlock their investment and private markets document data, using cutting-edge machine learning and large language models to create actionable data to leverage in your business. Portfolio BI empowers the most sophisticated buy-side firms to take control of their portfolio and operational data, providing portfolio analytics and reporting solutions. In partnering with Portfolio BI, we’re giving you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your portfolio.

"We are excited about our partnership with Alkymi and the transformative impact it will have on alternative asset management," said Sumit Mahajan, Chief Product Officer of Portfolio BI. "By integrating structured and unstructured data, we enable managers to uncover valuable insights, optimize their workflows, and make more informed decisions. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in data-driven decision-making for alternative asset managers."

Our partnership gives you the opportunity to integrate portfolio analytics, market data, securities, positions, and more with up-to-date insights and data points sourced from your unstructured documents, so you can make more informed decisions and identify new strategic opportunities. With an integrated workflow, you can streamline disparate data management processes and create more efficiency for your team. Combining Portfolio BI’s portfolio analytics and reporting solutions with our automated data processing capabilities means you can create a secure and auditable environment for managing your alternative asset data and be confident in your data quality and integrity.

Contact us to learn more about the Portfolio BI and Alkymi integration.

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