A Practical Look at Applying Machine Learning in Your Business

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Demand for machine learning (ML) is booming. Yet many companies struggle with implementation, integration, and overall understanding of what can realistically be achieved with this powerful technology. Getting insights from companies who have successfully started and scaled their initiative can help overcome those barriers.

Join Nick Patience, co-founder and research director for AI, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, Harald Collet, Alkymi CEO and co-founder, and Ross LeBlanc, product manager, innovation at SimCorp as they share practical applications for ML, discuss implementation strategies, and share real-life success stories.


  • How to identify best implementation opportunities for ML
  • What it takes to integrate ML into your business processes effectively
  • Actual outcomes from customers
  • And more

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Harald Collet
CEO and Co-Founder | Alkymi
Nick Patience
Co-Founder & Research Director for AI | 451 Research, Part of S&P Global Marketing Intelligence
Ross LeBlanc
Product Manager, Innovation | SimCorp