Your decisions move faster with our solutions

Alkymi’s targeted solutions eliminate unstructured data challenges in key financial services verticals.

Digital client
onboarding & account opening

New clients expect quick turnaround times and fast decisions. Whether it’s a 401(k) rollover, an account opening/origination, or an asset transfer, financial services firms expect clean and accurate data. Nobody is happy when document processing is done by hand.

  • Eliminate manual extraction and focus on client service

  • Accelerate onboarding while keeping overhead low

  • We've automated: Account statements, forms and questionnaires, identifications and certificates

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Alternative and private market data

Alternative assets present an unlimited set of opportunities for investors. They are also notoriously difficult to track, manage and execute. Data should give you an investing edge, not an operational headache.

  • Leverage 100% of your investment data

  • Automate legacy workflows without affecting operational partners

  • We've automated: Capital calls/distributions, PCAPs, quarterly reports, SOIs, NAV

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Investment performance and reporting

Your clients expect investment performance reporting that matches the speed of the market. Eliminate time-intensive data collection to accelerate insights and improve client experience.

  • Upgrade client reporting, and leverage all of your data

  • Eliminate friction across the front and back office

  • We've automated: Portfolio summaries, performance reports, fact sheets, allocation, exposure and sector reports

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Environmental social governance (ESG) investing

ESG data is reported in a huge number of sources and formats and can be extremely costly to access. Subscription datasets are often one-size fits all and only tell part of the story you’re interested in. Tap into the data your firm needs to analyze risk, construct strategies, and evaluate investments.

  • Streamline portfolio assessment and reporting

  • Tailor your ESG data strategy to your needs

  • We've automated: Environmental progress and sustainability reports, climate risk and emissions data, corporate governance, D&I reporting

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From those in the know:

Remedy is excited to work with Alkymi to enhance our workflow automation processes. Alkymi’s unique approach to computer vision and visual mapping in conjunction with NLP will greatly reduce manual efforts and ensure data accuracy. 

Jennifer Hill
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Remedy Analytics, Inc.

Alkymi Patterns opens up a new universe of workflow automation for institutional investors who struggle to extract insights from unstructured data quickly. SimCorp...can now address inefficiencies and a lack of automation in alternatives and the growing allocations of Limited Partners.

Hugues Chabanis
VP | Innovation, SimCorp

In our business, pension rollovers are a frequent and important use case. Today, that process is very human-intensive, time-consuming, and sometimes error-prone. We’re working with Alkymi to automate this process and make it real-time.

Raja Doddala
Managing Director | Head of FinTech Strategy & Development, TIAA

Alkymi has clearly identified a problem to be solved – that of extracting insight from unstructured data, and doing so in a way that automates large parts of the process while keeping humans in the loop.

Nick Patience
Lead Analyst | AI and Machine Learning, 451 Research

Alkymi effectively tackles a pervasive problem; enterprise email inboxes are silos where the content sitting there relies solely on manual human interaction to unlock it.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Founder, Deep Analysis

Damvad’s partnership with Alkymi allows our clients to access valuable data locked up in email, documents, and images. Our expertise and Alkymi Patterns together deliver the transformative value that our customers expect.

Asbjørn Boye Knudsen
Partner, Damvad Analytics

We have been impressed with Alkymi’s ability to automate complex email and document challenges which are very relevant for our financial services and insurance clients.

Vivek Agarwal
Partner | Capital Markets Consulting, Wipro