Product Updates January 25, 2022

Alkymi Patterns Studio Puts Business Users in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Drivers’ Seat

by Patrick Vergara

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We're excited to introduce Patterns Studio, our latest solution that significantly accelerates automation deployment. Patterns Studio offers 500 pre-built templates and a suite of no-code, no-train configuration tools that enable business users to easily automate the extraction of document and email data to realize results previously only achievable with complex, hard-to-develop and expensive machine learning (ML) models. Leveraging Patterns Studio dramatically reduces the barrier to adoption of intelligent document processing (IDP) technologies, creating new opportunities for document automation across thousands of enterprise data workflows.

“We’re empowering business users with the right technology to automate 9 out of 10 data-centric use cases themselves,” said Harald Collet, CEO and co-founder of Alkymi. “If you can create simple Excel formulas, then you can easily build your own automations in Patterns Studio.” 

Patterns Studio offers easy-to-use, pre-trained tools that allow users to configure automation on top of Alkymi’s proprietary computer vision model. In addition to text and table parsing algorithms, it includes image conversion and handwriting recognition capabilities, and native file type support. This provides users with a seamless experience that puts the power of deep learning to work for them without any need for engineering or data science expertise. 

Additionally, users can leverage any of the 500 Patterns blueprints that Alkymi has created based on popular document types across key industries. These templates can be configured to adjust for unique business requirements, allowing business users to create automated extraction Patterns in just minutes. 

We have previewed Patterns Studio to a select group of customers for testing and feedback.

"Patterns Studio redefines how business users like myself approach automation," said Parag Patel, senior manager of analytics & product innovation at Remedy Analytics. "Being able to automate my own workflows is a game-changer."

Alkymi customers and new free trial users can access Patterns Studio in their Data Inbox starting today.

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